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8 Limousine Hire Etiquette Rules that You Should Not Break


Hiring a limousine for special occasions gives you the chance to travel in luxury and style, meanwhile avoiding the stress of parking and driving in traffic. If you are considering hiring a limo for any occasion or special event, then you should consider a few ground rules:


  • Getting on and off the Limo

Riding a luxury vehicle like that means travelling in relaxation and style. Letting the driver open the door for you when you enter and exit the vehicle is expected. Focus on enjoying the experience and let the chauffeur take care of that for you. Let them open the door for you, and if you’re the first to enter, get into the first vacant seat and swing your legs before you move into the next row of seats.


  • Pay Attention to the Vehicle

Riding in a limousine is an extravagant experience, so it’s easy to get distracted. You should treat the vehicle with even greater care than your own. If you have any issues, you should ask the driver for assistance, instead of trying to solve them yourself. Limos are rentals, so needless to say, if you damage anything, you will face unpleasant repair bills. Another thing to remember is that anything from inside the limo should say inside the limo. Some guests tend to keep glassware as “souvenirs” of their time on the journey, but these will cost the transportation company and you as well.


  • Keep the Upholstery Safe

Transportation companies take great care to keep their vehicles looking clean and perfect, as their very reputation is at stake in such cases. When you hire a limo, you should be especially careful with the upholstery and the interior in general. You should never put your feet up, stand on the seats and that kind of behaviour might force the company to hand you a bill for the damage or cleanup.


  • Keep Your Group Under Control

Keep your group from causing trouble, since those may cause you a hefty bill in the end. No smoking, taking drugs or any other kind of behaviour that might cause that. You should never take alcohol inside the limousine without the consent and approval of the company and the chauffeur. If allowed to, keep the drinking to a minimum.


  • Don’t Bring Other Passengers

You should know how many passengers were booked for the limo service. If you need to bring more people on, you should let the company know in advance. This should give them a chance to choose the best vehicle for the job.


  • Keep it Civil

The point of having a limo hired for any reason means you’ll likely be partying. It goes without saying that you and your company will be drinking, so tempers may flare-up. Keep any arguments out of the vehicle for obvious reasons, you don’t want to be stuck with a repair bill.

  • Keep the Limousine Clean

During your travels, you will find that the limo may get filled with drinks, food, purchases and more. Make sure you remove any rubbish from inside, leaving the vehicle as clean as you found it. This is something the transportation company and your chauffeur will appreciate.


  • Stay Polite with Your Chauffeur

Chauffeurs will be experienced and well-trained, always there to accommodate your guests and yourself. Make sure your requests are kept to a reasonable line of behaviour, avoiding any rudeness with your driver or causing arguments. Enjoying your ride, free of such unpleasantness will guarantee you won’t get in legal trouble with the company as well as the chauffeur.


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