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Invaluable Limousine Travel Tips You Will be Thankful For


If you are looking for a great limo service but you’re not sure how to go about it, you should check out the following tips to get you started:


Don’t Book at the Last Moment


You shouldn’t overlook transportation arrangements or book your limo at the very last moment. If you can, you should book at least two weeks in advance, since high customer traffic may create a situation where you won’t get the car of your choice.


Make Your Reservation in Person


You should do this when you’re making the final booking, so you can get a good look at the vehicle, avoiding any surprises and ensuring the fleet is in a good state. This is an important part before you put down the deposit.


Rent Something Different


If you feel like having a creative approach toward limo hire, you can always rent a Hummer limo or something like a limo bus for a more unique approach.


Go for an Older Vehicle


If you don’t mind saving money, then you can go for one, as limo providers tend to spend a lot of money on maintaining vehicles every year, so the older models will still be in great condition in most companies. Vintage models can be a great way to make an impression.


Make a Great Music Playlist


Since you have the right to decide what music goes in your vehicle, make a few mixes of your favourite songs to kick off the mood on the road!


Hire a Limo Bus


If you have a larger group travelling toward an event, you can hire a limo bus instead of one or even several limos. You can still arrive in style, but also greater numbers without sacrificing comfort and amenities.


Hire the Limo for a Grand Entrance


This is a nice way to save money, while at the same time making an impression without breaking the bank. It doesn’t have to be something you do from your home either, you can hire the limo to pick you up a block away from the event, just so you can make an impression. Get a contract when you’re hiring the limo provider, so you can have all the details in writing with no surprises.


Request an Itinerary


Having one of those in detail will give you a chance to look at the arrival time, pick up time, reception departure time, the addresses you’re about to visit, the colour, size and model of the car in question, the name of the driver and a lot of other details and special requests you may have regarding the limo hire.


Consider Your Activities


This should be done before you choose a limo provider. You should factor that into your transportation needs before you get a quote. The details will need to involve pickup and drop off times for the members, the planned scheduled stops and more that needs to be covered.


Book Hourly


That may also work quite well, but if you have a long route with many stops in between, you can get a better hourly rate and a cheaper alternative to booking the ride for the entire day by considering a package deal.


Check the Route and Traffic


Use Google Maps or another type of approach to see the route on your particular day, so you can get a better idea of the kind of traffic you’ll be dealing with. Doing that will allow you to pick the best day or a few hours to avoid heavy traffic, saving you some precious time and money.


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